Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Saturday, August 27, 2011

We are sitting at home on a beautiful Saturday at the end of summer in 2011. The dog is trying to test boundaries by having her paws and head across the divide of the homeschool room and dining room. Hannah is upset that Elle is yelling, re-enacting her Davy Crocket movie. Hannah is stating in a loud voice, "Don't you know I don't like loud noises." Hadiah is upset that Elle is bopping her in the face, once again re-enacting the fight scenes. Earlier Elle came rushing down from Sarah's room, running into her room and running back to Sarah's room caring a dress calling out, "I reckon I'll have to find myself a p-u-r-t-y dress." Soon after, Sarah and Elle modeled their changed dresses. Rebecca fried up some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with three of the girls rejecting the offing and making their own various things (as long as they clean-up).

This week, the Blairs came through for a visit as they came back from dropping their oldest daughter off at Milligan. Rebecca and I had spent Saturday and Sunday afternoon driving to Hindman Settlement School and back taking the classes to prepare for tutoring for Hannah. We are excited to get to work specifically on her dyslexia. While there Rebecca hunted down her great granparent's grave. They had a boarding home there. Once the Blairs came you can see, horse rides and carriage rides are fun for all. Miriam is exploring cooking now making such things as peach cobbler from scratch and collard greens and hamhock. I really like both, but I was on the minority with the collard greens. Hadiah received her upper braces to great excitement only to realize that after a day she could hardly chew due to pain. Rebecca and I think her age just jumped with the new image. Kindergarten continues with my great joy in trying to get to pick her up at noon to hear about her morning. She is in the "advanced" math with 5 boys and is reading. Of interest, was her statement one day about one of her teachers who has gray hair, "The teachers are old, but they know stuff." The Todds, our neighbors who we bought the house from, came over for steak last night. Rebecca had promised steak to them for some time and we finally got them invited. We have moved forward in that Rebecca didn't get fired-up once, and the girls know the general process of cleaning up. I must admit that we do move faster when Rebecca gets fired-up so we will have to get used to cleaning at a slower pace. May God bless. dasen

Monday, August 15, 2011

Much has happened in the Eubank Ritchey family over the last few weeks. Rebecca had her birthday and our goal of getting her some time off alone turned into a week in Chicago taking a refresher PA course for her board renewal. Before she left, we went on our first trail ride with Montana and Sky. (Montana has anxiety when feelingleft alone so he always adds some spice to the proceedings. We hope to work on lowering the spice level. The main problem is that Rebecca is the main person to work with him and she left for a week. He is back to his naughtiness.) That same weekend we went up and hiked as a family near Cumberland Falls. (Did you know that one of the only "moonbows" from a waterfall is at Cumberland Falls?) We found an inlet spring and all took a refreshing swim as the hike is much better when rewarded with a swim. Sunday Rebecca left us for the week. We survived quite well, and Rebecca assures us that she is much smarter and knowledgeable now. She took classes from 7am to 6pm with a half hour lunch. She then took a two hour practice test each night. She came home to us in time to share our time with Katy, our next door neighbor in Middletown, and Carrie, Corbett, and Callie this past week.

They all seemed to have a great time between horsing around, creeking, and eating ice cream. This Saturday, we tried out Pony Club, but sadly found that we weren't Pony Club material right now. Our pony was too small (per the trainer). Our 18 year horse had a lame back left hoof for some reason (everyone has their opinion on cause, treatment, and care). Our girls wore such passe clothes like jeans. They had their fancy trailers, thoroughbred jumping horses, light tan riding pants. Everyone was nice, but we'll try that again in the distant future (or maybe never). We'll see what 4H is like next. Regina came to pick up Katy yesterday bringing two baskets of ripe, sweet peaches from our old home's two year old tree. We had planted it where the old crabapple tree had died.

For my Mother, I even took pictures of the front of our house yesterday. Today, we picked up Hadiah's Hope. She has some funny combo name with Appaloosa, Paint, Arabian mushed together. She is smallish and obedient. We'll try not to ruin her.

The sun is setting in all the purple tints that make the evening so pretty. Elle is in bed because she now has Kindergarten to go to in the morning. The other girls are shutting down the farm with Rebecca. I guess I'll say, "Goodnight," also.

You thought that I'ld put in pictures to integrate with the dialogue. Well, I tricked you.