Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Rebecca and I took a drive through the country last night to get to a restaurant called "Bread of Life." It is attached with a home for children called the Gallilean Home. The food was good as a buffet, and I had frog legs to boot. I haven't had frog legs in a while, but I still like the frog legs from Ungaran fried in "mentega," butter. The country here is quite pretty with its winding roads and river valleys. We seem to have tramped around the country side a bit as we have looked for horses and taken some visits back to the Cincy area and gone to Atlanta for a wedding. The girls and Rebecca were able to celebrate Priya's birthday again with the Branes at the home for the disabled. They didn't have the full outside carnival this time but spent time in the group homes. Our girls have become quite comfortable in these setting, and I am so happy that they are able to interact and serve. We have many little stories to tell like the trip Rebecca and Hadiah took to pick up our pony, Apache. They borrowed the previous owners of our house's pick-up and trailer. One of the trailer's wheel's tread came off on the interstate. Rebecca had to limp along to the second exit they came to where by God's mercy they found a place (actually it took two places to come up with the wheels) that had four wheels they could use. They were on their way to Georgetown which is above Lexington. Rebecca thought it a wonderful way to show Hadiah how God can come through with help as one problem solves. Rebecca and the girls also enjoyed homeschool camp up around Cincinnati. Rebecca was the camp nurse again. Hadiah enjoyed this camp again commenting that just getting to go to the camp makes homeschooling an ongoing option. Hadiah went to a week of orchestra-music camp at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond the week before last. She got to stay in a dorm room with a fellow camper (a vocal camp 8th grader who was from Richmond) and spend whole days working on music (maybe a little too much music for her taste). We have struggled finding a violin teacher for her as there aren't any Suzuki teachers here. The closest teacher is Danville. We have tried a local teacher, but he didn't seem to gel well with the girls. The day after camp let out, we awoke and left the house at 0500 to get to Atlanta by 11oo for Rebecca's practice as bridesmaid. Yulia, our good friend from Bulgaria, was getting married to a lawyer there in the old courthouse in Decatur. We stayed at Stone Mountain and spent all Sunday afternoon at the wedding. The younger three girls became flower girls as Yulia's niece from Turkey (2 yo) couldn't follow the direction. What a treat. It was a beautiful wedding and we got to spend some time as a family not doing much on Monday but swimming for a couple hours.

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