Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer has come

Friends and family,

We have now been gone from Cameroon for six months and are still sorting life out. As I have come to learn from an old saying, "Life happens while you're waiting." Today we have been home during a beautiful summer day. It seems that this is a rare.

Rebecca ran down the lane meeting a family at each end of our section of the lane. Each older person had lots to say, and one came later to drop off some tomatoes that he had grown from seed. He talked to Rebecca for some time about gardening and what not, and then while I was in the shed (the battery in the mower is always low and I have to attach it to a charger sometimes to get back to actually mowing instead of driving around when the blades won't kick back on if I've gone in reverse), he cornered me talking about this and that and how he could of made more money on computers in the 7o's, the neighbor's plan for their plot, etc. I now have changed our address to 320 Talker's Lane as it's shorter the Old Somerset Stanford Rd.

Between Rebecca's return from her run and the our neighbor's visit. We got Montana (our 16+ hand TN Walker) out and meandered around our new fenced in arena. He is a little untrustworthy so Rebecca appropriately wants me out there to work with him. He needs daily work outs. The purple martins dive bombing us doesn't help either. Rebecca, Hadiah, and I rode him around and the Apache, the Appaloosa type pony, was ridden around by Hannah and Hadiah bareback. We then got the miniature Prancer out for Miriam to ride around. I finally got the lawn mowed. Rebecca made pesto pasta in the wonderful way that she does. We rode in the truck to the local park to get the Iowa tests to take from another homeschool mom. That is the plan for next week. Rebecca and I are now off for a date. May God Bless, dasen

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