Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Monday, January 24, 2011

Some Thoughts in Summary

I doubt that any long attempt at summation of our recent trip would do better than short analysis. The short analysis begins with God's blessings and ends with God's blessings. We went to Cameroon knowing very little about the people and situation. We came back knowing just a little more. The little more that we know has caused us to leave a little of our hearts and to continue in praying blessings and strength on those that embody Mbingo. Those embodying Mbingo are a part of that strange reality, the body of Christ. This body is transformational, and I have been told of the transforming reality that exists when a foreigner follower of Jesus lives in a community. The transformation proceeds as much in the foreigner as in the community. For us, this transformation will be actualized in time and is currently a vague idea. Hadiah talks about returning to Cameroon as a long-term missionary. Rebecca and I revel in the joy of friendships gained and marriage deepened. As to the transformation of the community, this too is only a vague idea. I didn't go with any amazing skill or technique nor did I change any person, resident, or system drastically. Rebecca mainly was a mom, daughter and wife. She was able to teach some and work in a clinic some. We came where people had thorns pointed outward in protection and competition, and we left with many thorns sanded down into a soft blanket for protection and cooperation. The parties and goodbyes were good and deep. That is it. That is my analysis. God will have to do the story telling at Mbingo. Our experience has made us want to remain parts of His story wherever he wants participants.

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