Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Friday, January 14, 2011

In Paris

We arrived in France January 10, 2011. After getting half of our 14 pieces of luggage which we had stored at a hotel, we made our way to our “Explorers” hotel about 1 hour east of Paris. It’s in the area of Disneyland Paris, but not owned by Disney. The hotel is kid-friendly however with a padded climbing play area and a pool with 3 slides.

We were pretty tired when we arrived, and after eating dinner we retired to bed. We found the sheets dirty on the top bunk bed, and previously we had found the room very cold with the window wide open and the TV on. We changed some sheets that night, I felt a little disgruntled, and we lay down for the night. Hannah got very sick that night, and actually got strep throat, pink eye, and had terrible body aches and chills. She looked miserable. The next night (for the first time ever) she went sleep walking and wandered down the hall of the hotel, not clothed well for an outing. I had heard her talk in her sleep, then get up quickly and head for the bathroom, which is the door right next to the hallway/exit door. The door slammed, and I thought that’s odd, but my back was turned and I still thought she was just in the bathroom. A couple minutes later I heard a faint knock on the door, got up to get it, and there was Hannah in her shirt and panties. She was still very groggy and mostly asleep, and I asked her questions, prayed with her and sent her back to bed. She vaguely remembered it in the morning. I’m just so thankful so knocked on the right door to come back to our room. The next few nights Dasen and I had terrible nightmares about the family. We’ve also struggled with temptations here that we didn’t experience in Cameroon or England.

God is working healing in Hannah. Thankfully we had some amoxicillin, which we pray God uses to bring His recovery. I think the family slept better last night, although I oddly awoke every 1 ½ hours and prayed to go back to sleep. I think we’re all looking forward to getting back home. Elle asks me almost every day when we’ll go back to America. Only 3 more days now, yet I’m still glad to be here for that time.

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