Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello from London

The younger three girls are settling into their bunkbed with the bed squeaking and whispers after a full day on the town. I just wanted to share a few things hoping that you too were enjoying this New Years Banker Holiday (as it was called here). We met this neat family the Harrops at the daily breakfast time a couple days ago who are here on vacation from Germany. They are serving with TEAM as a pastor family at the boarding school in the Black Forest of southern Germany. Their two daughters ages 16 and 13 wanted to show our girls the Science Museum downtown with its interactive displays. We took them up on the offer. Rebecca left before breakfast to have some needed time alone at a bakery/coffee shop while the rest of us ate our hearty breakfast of cereal/eggs/bacon/hashbrowns/prunes/tangerines/juice/tea/coffee/toast. I then ran to to the closest Underground station to buy Hadiah her day pass while the girls finished getting ready. By the time that I had come back, the crew was ready. The day began as we went off to the bus stop, on to the Angel stop, walk to the Sainsbury grocery market (like Krogers), buy our food to put into the backpack for lunch where we met Rebecca, and then on the Tube through the closest Underground station towards the Piccadilly line where we caught the final train to South Kensington to walk the couple blocks to the huge science museum. Play and explore time --> lunch where Hadiah splits off with the other family to shop and enjoy a peer interaction. The rest of us are back into the Science museum for a while until the signs of fatigue are present. We decide to see Paddington Station kinda on our way home. Rebecca would like to stop at the ice cream shop that she saw on the walk to the museum (yes, it is around 0 deg Celsius). The shop is also a bakery and full. Two teenagers point out that there is a better ice cream shop down a couple blocks on the left. We find the Gelato place and have some "ice cream." We are in Kensington so on our way back to the Underground I make them take a picture in front of the Lamborghini store as I've never seen a Lamborghini showroom before. Walk there, walk up, walk down and we're back on the underground train where we exchange twice to get on the right train to Paddington station. We walk up and walk down and walk left and right until we see the station. Miriam notes that a Kiosk has Mountain Dew in the refrigerator. I note that it says Energy Mt Dew. I have to buy it as I haven't had Mt Dew for 6 months. It doesn't taste quite right, but hey, I had to try it out. We take some pictures, use the potty, shop at the small supermarket for our supper. We walk back into the Underground to find the train, exchange only once onto the Victoria line. We walk here and there to get out of the station and to the first bus stop. The bus will be 14 minutes so Hannah and I walk the way home but wait at the final bus stop for Rebecca, Miriam, and Elle to arrive on their bus. We get in to Highbury where we microwave the assortment of stuff for supper. We chat with the Harrops who have now arrived. Hadiah bought a scarf and some earrings. We clean up with Rebecca washing Miriam and Hannah's dolls as they are too dirty to be sleeping in the same bed with the girls, so says Mom. Bible reading and prayer when they are off to sleep. The room is now dark. Rebecca is off having quiet time, and here we are ready for tomorrow. May God bless you all as many of you start the first workday of your new year. dasen

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  1. Hey- you're descending on the wrong side of life on that escalator, aren't you?