Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Where did we go?

We've traveled a bit of Cameroonian roads this past week. We had planned a little of our trip, but the rest just comes with being us and having a God with an interesting input into our lives. Let me share a little now, and I'll return a little later for more of the story. On Wednesday last week, our family and fellow Westerners were between our main Thanksgiving meal and dessert when I received a call on the intercom. The security said that some strangers wanted to talk. A familiar yet strange voice asked whether I could go out for a drink. It was followed up with a warning not to act surprised but to come pick-up Rob and Heidi Clippard who had "dropped" in from Cincinnati. They had managed to arrive on the public transportation after flying from Europe. I went and picked them up having them walk in on the crew without warning. Rebecca took a few moments to figure out who was coming in the door but quickly overcame her surprise and enjoyed the shock. The short version of the rest of the story is that they then went with us to Kribi beach traveling 10 in an un air-conditioner SUV with a window that wouldn't go up. We believe that they were the answer to our prayer about someone accompanying Sarah back to Cincinnati so the tickets were changed and we drove to Douala on Sunday. They left; Elle's fever improved. We stayed at a guest house for two days until they didn't have any room. We drove to Limbe beach for two days where the car wouldn't start, but I perfected the art of popping the clutch. We then drove back to Mbingo with the engine kept on so that I wouldn't have to pop the clutch in an inopportune spot. I only made one mistake stopping the car on a slope near a gas station, but I failed to pop it well. The gas attendants helped push and then it started. Please pray for Sarah and family as I hope that we made the right decision, but it seems that things aren't going perfectly. We hope that things settle out and improve. She did travel well and arrived safely, though. dasen

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