Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Monday, December 6, 2010


I feel the shifting weight of His glory,
His face is the Promise I seek.
I strain in the burden He is lifting,
The dappling of light and grey melting into greens.

Verdant life complete yet crusted.
Absorbing hope never enough.
Running wildly, skipping time,
Madness melting into waste-filled pleasantries.

Catching breath, wielding happiness,
Scents of peace wafting on moonbeams.
Azur, golden, blanched in the heat of shadows,
Incorruption climbing, stealy purposes appear.

Answers proverbily blowing breezily,
A sound of trumpet calls.
Pilgrimage pressing, alienation dividing,
The line is drawn, cold and strong.

Wild hearts beating, worldliness relieving,
Where in the hinterland is the song?
Rhythmic beating, ground vibrating,
Is it a storm or a deep anthem singing long?

So much mystery,
Never forsake me.
Truth is told
And He will last.

Blurring fields, hope flies on a dream,
Forever running, forever renewed.
Dangers darkening, confusion sweltering,
Dare the dilemma to propel one home.

Now the fever rising, sickness stifling,
Health born clear, carried sure.
Halleluiah ringing, adoration panting,
Worship is the way.

Time torn asunder, no longer a blunder.
Peace has found her renegade road.
Righteousness rising, inhaling while dividing,
Coming close to mark an inhospitable way.

Why so narrow, defining yet guiding?
Blooms in season, yet not always.
Dryness exclaiming, Choreographer crying,
"Delight yet, for pulsating wings shall rise."


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  1. Love you and are lifting you and your precious family up in prayer very often! Can't wait to catch up in person. Much love to you all!!