Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Saturday, December 4, 2010

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“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden…Let your light shine before man, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5: 14,16

An American engineer on an evening exploration became enshrouded in a quickly moving, heavy fog. The Cameroonian mud sucked hungrily on his sandal until it was enveloped and lost. The darkness dressed the greens in grays and eventually blacks. The valley dismissed the Creator’s call to hospitality and her revolving entrance/exit door did not budge. Somewhere beyond the elephant grass and cassava leaves heavy with haze, a small light shone high in the distance. With one foot shod and the other bare, the engineer messily fought the hostile overgrowth, slowly making his way toward the enlarging light. Eventually the wayward ground began to ascend until the valley released her lock and the exit door swung open. The light eventually revealed a home on an escarpment overlooking the grand valley decorated with waterfalls as pearls. The weary engineer passed the house and trekked his way back to his group, thankful to have been shown the way, relieved to have escaped the binding darkness.

The mystery of Christ in His redemptive nature is this light on a hill. This mystery is magnified as the lamp does not measure the amps, or recognize the alteration in varying degrees of light. The mystery becomes marvelous as the bearers of the light recognize that the light has a power source beyond this world, not in oneself. The “on switch” is that of obedience but it is turned and powered by another. What sweet redemption comes from His glow through a life of grace-filled obedience.

That night, as the light of our house shown, most likely we were arguing over whose turn it was to do dishes, and wishing for an escape from the monotony of life within a one mile radius. We were probably struggling with contentment and purpose, even while yearning for the internet to work so we could try to get some work done as the family vied for attention. Yet even so, a weary traveler was guided by the light of our home.

Being where God wants us, when He wants us there has far greater implications then we can imagine. Doing great things for God, traveling the globe as medical evangelists, rescuing the sick and defending the poor are all pleasing and good, worthy endeavors, but it is through the strangely eternal incandescence of intimate obedience and relational love with a personal Divinity that any eternal difference can be made. The changes wrought only have clarity and truth in the midst of our Resurrected Savior breathing and moving through us. Within this entwining of grace from God, and a walk of weak obedience through faith, does the world see that the mystery of Christ has a brilliant radiance that shines through even us.

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  1. Hello – I’m the American engineer who was guided by your light. I was just sitting down writing reflections on the past year when I saw your names in my journal and realized I’d never gotten around to tracking down the blog ya’ll mentioned you were writing. Took a little searching but I managed to find ya and it was neat to read about your side of my little adventure. If you ever find yourself in the area of Fort Collins, CO drop me a line – I’ve got plenty of extra beds and would be happy to return your hospitality.

    - David