Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sarah's Birthday

Last Friday, we celebrated Sarah's birthday. Don't tell anyone, but she is now the age of perfection from the Old Testament numerology - "77." We celebrated with pizza, brownies, and presents for supper. We then had the local ex-pat community over for doughnuts (they didn't know about the brownies). We are getting better at making fresh doughnuts. Sarah has also been very blessed with several letters from her Sunday school class celebrating her birthday. Thank you! Today the women just went off to play violins on the ward. Rebecca has been fighting a bad cold, and we all have allergies with colds. The season is changing towards the dry season now so it doesn't rain every day. The girls aren't happy as the change seems to have brought out many praying mantis. They find these large insects quite creepy (except Elle who wants to have one). Hadiah wants to own snakes and lizards. She picked up a chameleon the other day on the way back from a walk. The lizard then bit her. She told us about the story and said that the bite didn't really hurt. The Cameroonians watching her then all told her that she shouldn't pick it up as the lizard bites. I got to play volleyball Thursday as the dry season brings the ability to play "dry" games in the late afternoon. Football (soccer) gets played in rain or dry. We are starting to think about what to do when we come back. The girls have many ideas.

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  1. I looked up pictures of praying mantis to show Rivers what Elle is experiencing. Great to hear of God's hand of success over your surgery, and all that you are doing!
    Our girls and all of us look forward to seeing all of you when you return!
    With love,
    The Henns