Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Neurosurgery Visit

Today concludes my two days with a visiting neurosurgeon. He goes by Magnum as his Ethiopian name is a little hard for us westerners to pronounce. I have really enjoyed the time that I've had with him as I must admit that neurosurgery is pretty cool. He finished his 12 years of residencies and fellowships and is now a spinal neurosurgeon. He has been in Nottingham, England for many years but continues to use his month long vacation to serve in Ethiopia and Malawi. He is visiting here a fellow Brit who is volunteering through the British Volunteer service. They were nice to think of us in the two days that he is here. I was able to assist him with a VP shunt and learn that that is not the best way to go anymore. The 3rd Ventriculostomy is replacing it in the treatment of hydrocephalus so we hunted down an arthroscopic scope in a dusty box. Today we sterilized the equipment, and I got to see the inside of the brain.

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