Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Sunday, November 14, 2010

And More

Yesterday, we all went to Bamenda with the three visiting residents (FP, IM, Ped), one PAACS resident (can you tell which one is he), and the Bardins. We took a picture of the obligatory over packed motorcycle. We got in some craft sight seeing and the mandatory visit to the open air market. As we left the market, Mwenymali and Karen each picked up a bag of live grasshoppers for later feasting. Mwenymali grew up eating them, but Karen, the internal medicine resident from Mt Sinai Hospital, NYC, didn't grow up eating them. Later that night the residents showed up at our house after the cook at the hostel had cooked the grasshoppers for them. (recipe is boil them with a little boulion cube until the water is gone and them use their natural oils to stir-fry them in the pan) They had already had a bunch and said that they were good. (they are pretty good tasting like salty corn chips) The best picture was when we got Rebecca to eat one. It is so sad that the picture is blurry, but you can tell the response. Rebecca actually thought they weren't too bad. Hadiah had one leg that she swallowed whole. THEN Hannah tried to swallow a leg. Now a leg isn't that big nor does it have much taste. Well the large amount of vomit in the sink and then the further vomit in another toilet says a lot about what our mind can do to us. We then all settled down to play Quirkle.

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