Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Series of Pictures to Place Us

I copied these pictures from Christof as he had gone up in a helicopter recently getting some good pictures of the Mbingo complex. The complex is off the road from Bamenda to Belo that you can find on Google Maps. Mbingo is nearly to Belo. The hills above Mbingo are owned by the hospital and house the "ranch" with their cattle. We enjoy exploring the hills with their beautiful vistas. The helicopter lands next to the hospital in a small field, but fixed wing aircraft land at the airstrip noted on the distant picture. The Sparks' house is the farthest house from the main road jutting out on a peninsula of land looking out to the hills where 7 waterfalls greet the visitor. To get a better view, please click on the pictures, and they will fill your screen so that you can focus on an area. I tried to place a picture on a Microsoft Word document and put arrows with text boxes to explain where everything is, but I couldn't copy it to blogspot. If anyone has an idea about how I could draw arrows to specific buildings and what not, please let me know.

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