Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Sunday, October 24, 2010


My parents called today from Sumatra to say hello and reminded me that the blog has been under-utilized. I apologize. This last week has gone by fast; time seems to do that a lot. In the family front, Elsie is here helping out with homeschool. She is a single lady whose job it is to travel around to homeschool families and work with them for two weeks. She does the teaching and offers suggestions for improvement. We are very blessed to have her but must adjust to having another person in the house with us at all times. The big news in the surgical front was the visit of Dr MacFadyen and his wife Rosemarie along with Dr Thompson this past Thursday and Friday. They were visiting the two PAACS programs in Cameroon. Bruce MacFadyen is the president of CMDA, the head of the board for PAACS, and the surgical chairman and the Medical College of Georgia, Augusta. Dr Thompson is a long term surgical missionary in Gabon who helped start PAACS and is the Africa Director for PAACS. They were able to interact with the surgical residents and their families. I really enjoyed operating with Dr MacFadyen on a large inguinal hernia. He showed me how to do a true Shouldice repair. I have tried to do this in the past and succeeded to my knowledge, but he showed me some specifics which only someone doing the surgery with you could teach you. I was very blessed to get to interact with such leading servants of God and learn from them. Saturday, after dropping them off in Bamenda to catch a trip to Douala, I went to a traditional Com wedding in a local village. It felt like stepping back into my childhood in such a way that I feel so blessed to be here. I am continually reminded that I'm living my dream. I didn't get to stay for the whole long ceremony that was taking place in the rain but had to come back to help the residents do a case. This morning I was called to help them do a case on a 4 day old baby around 2 am. Church this morning was a joy to celebrate God's family around the world. The text was from 2 Cor 8: 1-8 as we are called to give ourselves to the Lord and then give generously or our possessions. We ate lunch with some SIL missionaries who are staying in the CBC guesthouse up the hill. Tonight we went to the Bardins, who are new long term medical (pathology/internal medicine) missionaries at Mbingo, to sing songs and pray. All in all, we are very blessed.

I'll try to catch-up this week by telling about our meal with the head administrator, Mr Ngam and the many other things. Hadiah had a time getting her new earrings as the lady in the maternity ward placed the first set which was asymmetric. It then fell to me to place them again the next day in better positions. We all lived through the experience.

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