Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Poor Copper

Today is Sunday, I am waiting to go to back to the hospital to assist in surgery exploratory laparotomy. I just wanted to share our sad news related to a traffic accident. You will note a happy little girl in one picture with a little beetle named Copper. This bug was given to her by a missionary friend in Bamenda. Miriam and Elle have enjoyed taking care of it and taking it out for walks. I took the picture after church around 1pm. Around 2pm, I heard heartfelt wailing coming from our bedroom. An inconsolable Elle explained the sad story to me. Betwixt bouts of crying, she explained that the bug was taking a ride in the back of the semi-truck (nt picture with poor dead black bug on ground), and she used a spoon to help get the bug out of the trailer when "its head fell off." That was a literal quote. Rebecca asked me to do the comforting as she was having a hard time not laughing. If that is our only traffic accident here, we will be blessed. Rebecca wants to have funeral later when the rain stops. dasen

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