Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Monday, February 2, 2009

Stuck at Changi

It is good to do what you are gifted in doing.
Dance! It does the body good.

Lumps and bumps are great to remove, but when they're near the base of the skull it makes it even more fun especially under local anesthetic.

What every child should be doing, playing in the dirt with their imaginations

The Vietnamese live their whole lives on the river as their houses float and land is unavailable for them to buy

A new Christian shares his testimony while a rural medical outreach goes on

I'll try to upload some of my favorites from our time in Cambodia. We have good news that pertains to being stuck in the nicest airport in the world. The only problem is our 2+ hour delay into Medan leaving now at 2155 instead of 1900. We are in the terminal where Rebecca is trying to put Elle down for a nap on a coach as she was pulling a fit lying on the terminal floor crying. The other kids our in front of a television watching cartoons. We took a free tour of a small section of the city and ate some free offereings from a food bar. The kids remained hungry as they tried some different food stuff and then fed it to me. I was quite content and full. They watched a "dragon" dance with the drums and cymbals as the far east continues to celebrate Chinese New Years. After all that, we still have plenty of time to wait. We didn't bring our swimsuits so we won't go swimming in the airport pool, we might visit the butterfly garden, the spa with massage is too old for the girls, but we do get free meals as the plane was delayed. May God bless His kingdom and may it be on earth as it is in heaven. dasen

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