Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Sunday, February 8, 2009


We awoke 0345 Sunday morning and found Northwest Airlines (by the way, they are tucked into terminal 1 and must be a poor neighbor because their flights aren't even posted on the electronic board). Though a little stressed as we were running slow, we made it to Tokyo and on to Minneapolis getting through customs by 1230 (which was 0230 to us). We made it to Dayton and home to Middletown at 1930 which places us 24 hours plus from Singapore. The girls did well. I would place one girl on the right aisle and another on the left, blow a whistle and time them to see how fast they could touch the front wall of the 747. Miriam won, but Hannah was close as she had to jump over the stewardess' cart as they were serving supper. Wouldn't that be fun if one could race? We do vote that 747's be retired as they don't have the personal entertainment systems that the newer planes have. My wife vowed not to take four young girls on such a long trip any time soon, but hey, they'll be older in a year. We praise God for His goodness to us. We hope that we didn't offend too many people and that we didn't set back His kingdom too long. We were very blessed by the many people who cared for us, served us, and graciously hosted us in their homes. Lifespring should be very honored to partner with the Collins in building the kingdom of God in Cambodia.

Now let me end this with a final dance:

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