Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Friday Morning

It is Friday morning at 0730 and I couldn't get Rebecca to take a cold "mandi" or dipper bath. Ever since our trip to Borneo in 1997 she has not enjoyed the fresh feel of cold showers in the tropics. The great thing is that my parents don't enjoy cold showers either so heated water on the stove is a ready supplement to any bath. At least I have Hadiah and Hannah on my side. Elle awoke at 0200 yelling for a drink and food. I sat with her as she ate dry cornflakes and drank water. She then went back to bed this time not in her play pen but with her three sisters in bed. At 0400 Rebecca left quickly and came back to our bed with Miriam who fell off the side (she was fine). At 0430 when the masjid started morning prayers, we awoke again but stayed in bed. The electricity went out for a couple of minutes during prayers which brought some silence to this poorly spiritual disciplined Christian. The only problem was that the lights were all out and Rebecca and I were on edge. All is well. Elle's fever is no more. She had 4 small bowls of Cheerios this morning which is a sure fine that she is well. Miriam just got up from bed and the day is into "move ahead" mode.

We were on edge because last night a teenage girl came searching to establish faith. Mom and Dad sat out front while we prayed and got ready for bed. Hadiah wondered if this would be the best night of my parents stay here. Hannah fought with us about something. Elle and Miriam played with this and that. Rebecca and I had visions of angry villagers coming against the infidels. My parents were wonderfully appropriate and wise, but I was struck by being "spooked" by such a thing. I talk of Christian witness presenting itself from the "weak" position of love and truth. Yet, I really am more comfortable with the position of power and influence. Who has the power? I glibbly say that God has "the kingdom and the power and the glory forever, amen." What I want to have is Hadiah's attitude of excitement at God's working in the world rather than my quick suspicion with self centered care.

I would love to send you pictures of our stay here, but I'll have to send in retrospect as my parents "flexiphone" system is just slightly more potent that dial-up. We are about to meander back to Middletown and look forward to snow and our own beds. Ok so I don't miss the cold weather that much. dasen

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