Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Monday, January 19, 2009

We Are Here--Cambodia

We arrived to fanfare and balloons as the Collins' family cheered us out into the airport exiting area. After a Dairy Queen treat we trailed in taxis and the Collins' car to their house. The girls are out and about playing. We are so blessed to have a place to come and to have wonderful friends to come to.

The trip is done. That is all I'll try to remember. We awoke ~3am and drove to Dayton. Dayton to Detroit was accomplished by 0830. You can only do so much in the airport until 1230 when we boarded the 747. Something was wrong with the airconditioning so we waited on the plane until 1500 when we left for Tokyo. We arrived at 0545 Sunday (US time) to another 747 waiting for us as we were late. We hustled through pseudo customs in the transfer area and boarded to the back of the plane while the crowd waited. We then arrived in Hong Kong getting to the airport hotel 0030 Monday their time which would have been 1130 am Sunday in Cincinnati. We fitfully slept (Rebecca got up with Elle to wonder the airport from 0300 until 0530) after wonderful showers. I got up with Elle (fireball) and Hannah to check in all our luggage that couldn't be checked through to Phnom Penh because Dragon Air and Northwest aren't partners at 0530. The nice lady let me check in our luggage and get passes without the rest of the family's presence though she was worried and begged me to make sure we all got on the plane as it was a security violation to check-in without visually seeing everyone. I think the wandering 2 year old and the helpful 7 year old let on that we weren't out to create any terror on other people. We went through customs and got Burger King and Ramen (yes, we are in asia and have restaurants that have variations on wonderful Ramen Hadiah had curried beef ramen and I had Aesien [sic] ramen. The clock was ticking to get to the plane by this time so I got to eat most of the Ramen (both bowls yum) due to chopsticks not being Hadiah's best tool. We were the last people to board the plane as Elle was howling that she was too old to have to stay in the stroller, but we made it will all our passports and luggage. We arrived on time at 1015 am Monday (2215) and feel so blessed to finally be here. I've gone out with Doug to do some errands on the motorcycle while the girls played. Rebecca is now napping while the kids watch Peter Pan. Elle just wanted me to know that Captain Hook was after Peter Pan but with a little assurance that Peter Pan wins she was willing to go back up. I'll try to get Rebecca to fill in the interesting stuff later about out trip. Thank you for praying for this trip. Doug, Dasen, Hadiah, and KC all have bad colds. We're quite the group. dasen

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  1. The Amazing Ritcheys- I'm so impressed with your crew. Way to go girls!! I'm so glad to hear you had a fun welcome to Cambodia- it's amazing how we can go from our homes all the way across the world and find our friends at the exact spot we all agreed to meet- isn't it?

    Also, wanted to let you know that Tues. Jan 27th at 7AM is our induction date and time, if babies don't come earlier. I'm 3 cm and 65% effaced already- so could be a surprise date if they come earlier.

    We're praying for you all and tracking you're whereabouts on our new world map we just got for school.

    Lisa and family.