Going for Ride with Friends

Going for Ride with Friends

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Short Comments on Sunday-dasen

We are doing well. It is now Sunday and we are taking some rest. Rebecca and Heidi are at a market. Scott Collins (doug's brother) is going to babysit so we can double date tonight. The Chhlong visit went really well and am glad for our family to do that trip partially as I believe it will smooth over the coming Sumatra trip and what a great thing overall for this little troop. Some interesting notes: We ate evening meals on the floor on mats as a group. The nature of rural life was new for us. For example, Hadiah wondered if there was anything cool, anything at all, on Thursday as she was hot and couldn't get comfortable. There wasn't any drink or food or place cool as there was no refrigeration, and she had a hard time with this. The gecko calling from just the other side of the wall and bed of the girls sent Rebecca into a slight tizzy so I stomped my foot and patted the wall to appease the mother. Hadiah has tried all the food and been a trooper. Elle just wants cereal. The squat toilet has been a challenge for the girls but an impossibility for Elle. She is better trying to go outside, but in reality she has great control and just waits until she can find a sit down toilet. My lower back is in spasms but I'm hoping that will come around. There was no heat on the shower in Chhlong, and I was reminded of how old I am and how I like a little warmth in the water. The shower refreshes so well, after the fact. Mosquito nets are a new thing for us but they do keep the bugs at bay. It was great to have Rebecca doing medical stuff and the kids with me as they got to do a lot more with less stress from their parent. They even got to see what it is like to be the center of attention wherever they went.

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